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Marie can work with you and your animal companion by Zoom.

This can be done in a variety of ways:-

  • One method is by Zoom which involves working with you, asking questions and giving instant feedback whilst your pet is there and comfortable but this is not essential as she can work by distance with a photograph if possible or on a Facebook photo. She can give you feedback following her communication. 
  • This can also be done if you wish to be present via Zoom but without your animal.
  • Marie also works with the owner and can reverse this around and give feedback to the animal and set up communication between them.
  • She can work with the owner for any of their own emotional issues such as bereavement, illness, change of ownership etc. Marie is an Animal Communicator and  qualified EFT Practitioner which can help immensely by alleviate grieving and guilt, anxiety, behavioural issues etc both for the guardians and their animal companions.
  • Marie offers a range of fees to suit your needs including a Bespoke 4 hourly sessions which can be used how you wish and when you wish and for what you would like to work with, for example 4 hourly sessions, two 2 hourly sessions, etc e

Working via Zoom

Marie can work easily with you and your companion by Zoom. She can work with you and your loved pet by asking questions and you will ask questions you have always wanted to know such as ´do you like that food?´´why do you sleep there?´These sessions are very productive as your companion can be in the room with you and you are both comfortable and calm. This isnt essential as we can use photographs if your animal is ill or not with you.

You can use a session for multiple issues such as:-

  • Anxiety, fears
  • Behavioural issues
  • Moving house
  • Introducing new pets
  • Relationships with people including new baby 
  • You want to know more about the history of your animal
  • Discover hidden issues
  • Please drop Marie a message for further help and advice on this.

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Surrogate Techniques with Photo(s)

There are many occasions when it isnt possible to work with your pet directly and your animal may not want this either. Marie can work from a distance for your pet with a photograph. This is only a personal preference as distance work can be done without quite successfully. We can also work through Zoom without your animal if you prefer that personal contact. Marie has worked on Facebook where there is a photo of the animal there and contact with a person by Facebook message or feedback following connection with your animal.

Reasons you may prefer distance help:

  • Your animal companion is away in a vets, kennels, stables
  • You are away from home maybe on holiday 
  • You maybe working away from home and worried about your pet
  • Your companion may be with a friend or neighbours' for many reasons
  • Your companion may be ill or not want disturbing

Please contact Marie for further advice or information.

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Working with Your Companion

 Marie often works with the animal companion guardian for many  reasons.

  • Bereavement
  • Changing ownership
  • Worried about their companion
  • Guilt around an animal 
  • Fears and anxieties

The guardian often has guilt around a pet, this is so common and yet the animal is often OK and has no kind of sense of this such as moving home and the owner feels its not suitable for their animal.

You can build a fuller and deeper bond and relationship with your companion.

Conact Marie for further advice or information here.

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