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Accredited Courses available for EFT with Animals & Dowsing.

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'Live Online Courses' - EFT With Animals

This 'live' online courses via Zoom are threefold:

  1. A 6 hour General Interest Course of EFT with Animals for those with knowledge of EFT
  2. A 12 hour Accredited Course working towards EFT Animal Practitioner status & knowledge of EFT required
  3. Introductory 6 hour Course, EFT for Humans & EFT for Animals - no knowledge of EFT required

The courses all offer in -depth tutoring, so that you may feel confident using EFT not only with your own animal companions but with wildlife, insects, abandoned animals, in fact all animals.

The Introductory EFT for Humans & Animals is a Basic, yet in - depth course where you will be confident in using, following the course & is supported with an EFT Manual & a Surrogate Tapping Aid for Animals.

The other two courses are supported with 5 x comprehensive manuals with Marie's own photographs illustrating her work over the many years.

The 2 courses are intended for people with some reasonable foundational knowledge of Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping as its widely known which is an invaluable technique both for yourself and for your animal companions and indeed wildlife and all animals. 

And the other Introductory Course, is for people with no knowledge or little knowledge of EFT.

As a Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT Marie discovered some of her own ways of working with animals many years ago - both surrogate and tapping ´on´ the animal with EFT an energy technique .Marie did her own research and developed new ideas, techniques and ways of using tapping with animals which she loves to share on her courses.  

You can learn how to help yourself and your animal companions quite simply with EFT. This technique helps with: Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Pain, Behavioural issues. 

You will notice that these issues are common in ourselves as are the tapping acupoints for both humans and animals.​

Full details & purchase courses here.

Would you like to join this popular EFT with Animals Courses? Information & purchase here.

If you are new to EFT and wish to complete official EFT Courses which can additionally lead to a professional Practitioner course, then view all information here.

Marie holds Courses online, contact her for more information or if you wish to get a group together. If interested, we can also do a 'physical' course if getting a group together. Contact Marie here


Horse scared of fireworks

Use Photographs & EFT

Tapping is relaxing for animals - and people!


Courses with Marie via Zoom 

Learn Surrogate tapping

 Voluntary associations helping stress for animals & people


Use many techniques for animals that we use within EFT

Learn how to tap effectively from a distance

Learn how to work with injured wildlife

Some dogs love being tapped on physically