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The Surrogate Tapping Aid is available to Download here. 

This Surrogate Tapping Aid Download is a great little resource I developed years ago to help people who found it difficult to know what to say, how to say it and what to do with their own pets when using EFT and surrogate work.

Surrogate work with animals often worries people and yet it works equally as well as normal -in fact some would say better.

It is an easy guide that gives you a step by step follow through procedure for you and your pet or other peoples animals.

You can use a photo of the animal or pet if available.

Additionally you can adapt for people.

The Energy Exchange Photograph Techniques offers a variety of ways you can use photographs 

with tapping (EFT) Originally, I presented these techniques at EFT Masterclass 2009 and it has proved amazingly popular due to its success with everyone. Whilst designed for people, you will see how it could easily be used with animals.

Especially animals who do not like tapping, being touched, are unwell etc

Also great to use with distance work such as when you are parted from your companion, in another country, staying away or on holiday, when at vets etc

Basically you can 

  • Tap on yourself looking at photo                                             
  • Tap 'on' the photo
  • Combine both of these

Download here


There is a useful EFT Tapping Chart Guide from EFT International that you can download here.